Profile 1 Rachel Blevins is an independent journalist who aspires to break the false left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives. 

Rachel’s work has been featured by various alternative media outlets and she has reached millions of people through both written articles and videos.

Many of Rachel’s videos are centered around the phrase “Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About This?” because she always looks for the aspects of a story that are being ignored by traditional media, and she believes the information that is being ignored, buried or just slipping under the radar can be the most important part of the story.

Government Corruption

Rachel believes in calling out the current administration for its policies and actions, no matter which political party is in office…

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Foreign Policy

A pattern of endless war has become the cornerstone of U.S. policy, and Rachel is passionate about calling out the war crimes and hypocrisy…

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Gun Rights

Rachel believes in defending and emphasizing the importance of the Second Amendment at a time when “shall not be infringed” is being blatantly ignored…

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Police State

Rachel also believes in defending the Fourth Amendment and bringing awareness and accountability to the abuses carried out by an increasingly militarized police force…

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Media Hypocrisy

Rachel is passionate about speaking out against social issues in areas where a mob mentality and mainstream media coverage have clouded public judgment…

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Drug War

When it comes to the failed War on Drugs, Rachel believes in exposing the corrupt scheme that has only served to increase drug crime, fuel the prison industrial complex and turn everyday citizens into “criminals.”

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