Why We Can’t Rely On The FBI’s No-Fly List To Defeat Terrorism

Donald Trump announced today that he thinks individuals on the FBI’s No-Fly list should not be allowed to own guns… So, what does it take to get on the No-Fly list, and how would the change that both Trump and Hillary Clinton are pushing for, lead to the death of due process?

GOP nominee Donald Trump took to Twitter today to tell the world that he plans to meet with the National Rifle Association to discuss why he believes individuals who are placed on the FBI’s Terrorist Watchlist, or No-Fly List, should not be allowed to own guns.

So…What is this list, and how do you end up on it? It turns out that the FBI can put individuals on their No-Fly List before they have ever been convicted of a crime related to terrorism activity, and they can do it without notifying those individuals.

According to a report from The Intercept in August 2013, there are nearly 50,000 names on the No-Fly list, and 800 of those names belong to Americans.

Yahoo Travel compiled a list in Sept. 2015 of eight things an individual might have done that could lead to their name being added to the FBI’s No-Fly list:

  1. Being suspected of direct terrorist activity
  2. Traveling to the wrong country
  3. Making comments that are not politically-correct
  4. Having a similar name to someone on the No-Fly List
  5. Turning down an offer to become an FBI Informant
  6. A clerical error by the FBI
  7. Outstanding warrants from law enforcement not related to aviation activity
  8. Controversial social media posts

Trump’s announcement doesn’t just show that he’s in the same boat as Hillary Clinton on this issue. It also shows that he is willing to give the FBI unprecedented power.

Think about it… the FBI already the power to place anyone they want on their No-Fly list, including innocent Americans. What if the people on that list also weren’t allowed to own guns. That would mean that without check and balances, and without criminal conviction, the FBI would have the power to take away any American’s Second Amendment rights to bear arms, along with their Fifth Amendment right to bear arms.

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Rachel Blevins is a journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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