Bernie Sanders Becomes Clinton Campaign’s Latest Distraction

After running a campaign in which he rallied against Hillary Clinton and the establishment, Bernie Sanders endorsed Clinton Tuesday, providing a distraction from Attorney General Loretta’s Lynch’s refusal to testify about why Clinton will not face charges for sending classified information on a private email server.

Bernie Sanders announced Tuesday that he is adding his name to the list of people supporting Hillary Clinton for president in 2016, and his timing could not have been any more perfect for the Clinton campaign.

“I have come here to make it as clear as possible as to why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton…and why she must become our next president,” Sanders said at a campaign rally in New Hampshire.

Sanders claimed that he is endorsing Clinton because she is the presumptive Democratic nominee and because he believes it is the only way to stop Donald Trump. However, his endorsement also occurred at the same time as the House Judiciary Committee meeting in which Attorney General Loretta Lynch was scheduled to testify about why she chose not to prosecute Clinton for sending classified information on an unsecured email server.

“Last week, I met with Director Comey and career prosecutors and agents who conducted that investigation. I received and accepted their unanimous recommendation that the thorough, yearlong investigation be closed and no charges be brought against any individuals within the scope of the investigation,” Lynch said. “While I understand that this investigation has generated significant public interest, as attorney general it would be inappropriate for me to comment further on the underlying thoughts of the investigation, or the legal basis for the team’s recommendation.”

Although Lynch did not give any real insight into her decision during the hearing, one thing is clear: The Clinton campaign is using Sanders as a distraction.

With the Clinton email scandal dominating headlines over the last week, it seems only right that she would look for a way to deflect the attention. Now, in all of the upcoming media interviews that Sanders does, it is likely that everyone will ask Sanders why he had this sudden change of heart, and he will probably use the time as an excuse to rally against Donald Trump.

However, any loyal Bernie Sanders supporter knows that he has already laid out several reasons why we should not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Here are just a few:

“You’ve received over $600,000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs in one year. I find it very strange that a major financial institution that pays $5 billion in fines for breaking the law, not one of their executives is prosecuted, while kids who smoke marijuana get a jail time.” — Bernie Sanders, Jan. 2016

“Secretary Clinton has chosen another path in order to raise her campaign funds… she has established a number of Super PACs. In the last filing report, her largest Super PAC reported $25 million coming from powerful special interests, including $15 million from Wall Street.” — Bernie Sanders, March 2016

“Well, when you vote for virtually every trade agreement that has cost the workers of this country millions of jobs, when you support and continue to support fracking, despite the crisis that we have in terms of clean water, and essentially, when you have a super PAC that is raising tens of millions of dollars from every special interest out there, including 15 million from Wall Street, the American people do not believe that that is the kind of president that we need to make the changes in America to protect the working families of this country.” — Bernie Sanders, April 2016

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Rachel Blevins is a journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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