Why Russia, China and Iran Should Be Dominating The Headlines

The Trump Administration has made headlines recently for making up terrorist attacks that never happened, and citing fake news stories.While the media seems content to cover all of the ridiculous things Trump has said, it has failed to hold the administration accountable for the things it has actually done.

If the mainstream media was honest in its coverage of the Trump Administration, then Russia, China and Iran would be dominating the headlines:

Over the last year, Russia has reportedly been stockpiling its military with a new array of weapons that include 41 intercontinental ballistic missiles, 170 new aircrafts, 905 tanks and 17 ships.

And yet, all we hear about is how much the Russian government loves Trump, and helped him win the election

Tensions are escalating between the United States and Iran, and while a lot of people are speculating that this could be the next county the U.S. chooses to invade, and in addition to becoming the latest country to drop the U.S. dollar, Iran is making it clear that it won’t go down without a fight.

Instead, we receive incessant coverage about Trump’s comments on Sweden.

China has been increasingly hostile toward the U.S., and it recently finished building two dozen structures on artificial islands in the South China Sea that are reportedly designed to house long-range surface-to-air missiles.

It’s important, not just to hold Trump accountable for the comments he makes, but also for the foreign policy decisions he is making that could have irrevocable consequences for the United States.

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Rachel Blevins is a journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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