Facebook, Google Facing Lawsuits For Tracking Users Without Their Consent

Facebook and Google are facing lawsuits for tracking users without their consent. Even in cases where users believe they had turned their “location” tracking off on their smartphones, Facebook and Google were still collecting their information and data…

Report via RT America

Facebook and Google are facing new lawsuits that accuse the companies of secretly tracking their users, and then using that data to generate ad revenue.

The same websites that are under fire for purging hundreds of accounts with no notice, are now facing new kinds of backlash that could result in significant damage. Facebook is the subject of a new lawsuit that accuses the social media giant of tracking users to generate advertising revenue—even when they opted out of Facebook’s “location history” feature.

The lawsuit accuses Facebook of “secretly tracking, logging, and storing location data for all of its users—including those who have sought to limit the information about their locations that Facebook may store in its servers by choosing to turn Location History off.” 

The lawsuit also accuses Facebook of being a data aggregation and marketing company disguised as a social networking platform that is actively exploiting its users by tracking, collecting and storing their information without their consent.

Google is also facing a Class Action lawsuit for similar reasons, with three individuals accusing the company of tracking their data through popular smartphone apps. They claim that Google deliberately and deceptively collects personal information from users for the purpose of generating millions of dollars in revenue. Citing an Associated Press investigation, the lawsuit noted that even when users believe they have opted out of location tracking, Google is still collecting their information without their consent.

All the while, Twitter is also facing backlash, and reports claim that the social media site has lost an astounding 9 MILLION users in the last quarter alone, signaling that many users are fed up with the site that has joined Facebook in purging hundreds of accounts for alleged inauthentic behavior. 

Now, while it is unclear how the latest lawsuits against Facebook and Google will proceed, the recent drama with the most popular social media giants has left many wondering if it is time to turn to alternative platforms that actually respect user privacy and content.

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Rachel Blevins is a journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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