Leaked Docs Reveal U.S. Was Renewing Support For Saudi Arabia While Yemen Crisis Impacted Millions

Earlier this year, while the worst humanitarian crisis in the world was reaching new heights in Yemen, the United States was apparently pledging its support to Saudi Arabia by launching a new operation in the war…

Report via RT America 

Leaked documents are giving new insight into the United States’ unwavering support for Saudi Arabia. In fact, according to documents from the Department of Defense, even as the civilian crisis in Yemen worsened, the U.S. continued to pledge its support.

As the worst humanitarian crisis in the world reached new heights in Yemen earlier this year… the United States was pledging its support to Saudi Arabia by launching a new operation in the war. 

This revelation comes from Department of Defense documents that were apparently published online unintentionally. They detail the existence of Yukon Journey, which is described as a Central Command operation supporting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and partner nations in Yemen. 

While the name of the operation had been released previously, this document provides confirmation that it is occurring in Yemen. Before, the classified endeavor was listed as one of several that were established to combat Al-Qaeda and ISIS forces. But now it is becoming clear that the true intent was to continue the United States’ unwavering support for Saudi Arabia. 

This news becomes even more crucial as the United States publicly claims that it will stop refueling Saudi-led coalition aircrafts in Yemen… But the decision appears to be one that was requested by Saudi Arabia. In a statement, the kingdom claimed it is now capable of refueling the aircrafts itself.

It does not appear that this change will do anything to prevent the overwhelming number of airstrikes launched by the Saudi-led coalition that target civilian areas.

There is also a lot that is still unknown about both Operation Yukon Journey and U.S. involvement on the ground in Yemen. In response to questions about the extent of the classified operation, Central Command refused to give details and instead claimed, “The United States is currently providing limited support to the coalition in the form of logistical assistance, intelligence sharing, best practices and other advisory support.” 

Congress has yet to specifically authorize military force in Yemen, and right now, leaders in the House are being accused of attempting to derail a debate on House Continuing Resolution 138. The legislation would direct the President to remove U.S. Armed Forces from hostilities in Yemen within 30 days, with the exception of the forces that were authorized in 2001, unless and until a declaration of war or specific authorization for such use has been enacted into law.

Now the questions remain… exactly what kind of support is the U.S. providing to Saudi Arabia through Operation Yukon Journey? Will Americans ever know the full extent of their country’s involvement in a war that has impacted millions of innocent civilians? And most importantly, how long will this devastating war continue?

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