China Could Ban Apple In Retaliation To Huawei Ban In U.S. As Trade War Continues

The Trade War between the United States and China continues, and there are now concerns about how China will retaliate, as new reports claim the U.S. could be planning to target Chinese surveillance companies next.

Reports are now claiming that the U.S. is considering blacklisting at least five Chinese surveillance firms in an effort to continue to turn up the heat in the trade war with China.

While the U.S. has claimed that it is going after Huawei because the company is a threat to national security, its justification if it decides to target Chinese tech firms is also notable.  

According to reports, it would mark “the first time the Trump administration punished a Chinese company for its role in the surveillance and mass detention of Uighurs, a mostly Muslim ethnic minority.”

If the U.S. begins to go after China for the surveillance it conducts of its own citizens, then that could create an entirely new conflict between the two countries.

It would also come after President Trump recently increased tariffs on $200 billion dollars’ worth of Chinese goods, threatened to tax all imports, and gave the green light to ban Huawei sales in the U.S.

While the United States continues its attempts to blacklist Huawei, the company’s CFO is still being held in Canada. She is currently awaiting an extradition hearing, where she could be forced to go to the United States to face charges of bank and wire fraud.

At the same time, two Canadian citizens are still being detained in China, where they were arrested and charged with stealing state secrets. Canada’s prime minister is speaking out and raising awareness about their case, and he is calling on the West to counter what he referred to as “China’s aggression.”

While we have seen plenty of action from the US with Huawei, there is concern that China will retaliate, and Apple will be their target.

In a recent interview, China’s envoy to the EU said, “This is wrong behavior, so there will be a necessary response. Chinese companies’ legitimate rights and interests are being undermined, so the Chinese government will not sit idly by.”

Now it remains to be seen what while happen next in this Trade War, as two of the world’s most powerful economies continue to go head-to-head.

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Rachel Blevins is a journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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