Huawei Could Become Bargaining Chip In US-China Deal, As Rubio Pushes for More Bans

As the trade war between the United States and China continues, reports indicate that lifting the ban on Huawei could be a key bargaining chip in a final peace agreement. But one vocal US senator is pushing for even more pressure on the Chinese tech giant. 
An end to the ongoing trade war with China could also include an end to the US government’s war on Huawei, as a main factor in a deal between the two countries.
This, according to a report, which states that as a pre-condition for a deal, Beijing is insisting the US remove its ban on the sale of US technology to Huawei.
President Trump has said in the past that he would consider including Huawei in a deal with China. But the repeated claims from both Trump and his top officials that Huawei is a dangerous threat to national security could undermine any attempts to pursue peace with the company.
Senator Marco Rubio is among the vocal critics, and he filed legislation last week to prevent companies like Huawei, which are on certain government watch lists, from seeking damages for patent infringement in the US.
This was in response to Huawei’s demands that Verizon pay licensing fees for more than 230 of its patents, which would total more than $1 billion.
Rubio took to Twitter and argued that he was justified because “No US company can survive against Chinese companies with this level of government support.” He said the US must lead efforts to coordinate regulatory actions against the tech giant.
In response, Huawei’s chief legal officer argued that blocking the company’s access to US patent courts would threaten the intellectual property system that supports technology development, and would have global consequences.
With regards to what some US politicians proposed, that Huawei should be banned from exercising our intellectual property rights, I think this is a very dangerous signal,” said Song Liuping. “If such a legislative proposal were to be passed, it would be a catastrophe for global innovation.”
Now, President Trump has yet to comment on Rubio’s proposal, or on his latest claims that “lifting the ban on Huawei would be a catastrophic mistake.”
But Trump is scheduled to meet with his Chinese counterpart on Saturday, at the G20 Summit in Japan. And the world will be watching to see if the leaders make progress towards a deal, and if Huawei is included. 

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Rachel Blevins is a journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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