China Fires Back over New Sanctions, Accuses US of Increasing Tensions with Iran

The United States has announced a new round of sanctions, which it claims are targeted at third parties that have helped Iran build its nuclear program. Now China is firing back and accusing the US of intentionally increasing tensions with Iran.

The US Treasury Department announced that it is imposing sanctions against seven entities and five individuals, based in China, Iran and Belgium, claiming that they have violated US sanctions by providing materials to Iran to help build its nuclear program.

In a statement, the Treasury said its Office of Foreign Assets Control “took action against a network of front companies and agents involved in the procurement of sensitive materials for sanctioned elements of Iran’s nuclear program.”

Now, the US did not give specific details about what those materials were, but the Treasury did say it is concerned about what it referred to as Iran’s “provocative behavior,” and it will “continue to target all who provide support to Iran’s nuclear program.”

So this could be seen as a warning that more sanctions could be on the way.

China is calling on the US to “correct” the newly imposed sanctions immediately. A spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry argued that the US is trying to use the measures to make other countries follow its rules.

China has consistently and resolutely opposed the US imposing unilateral sanctions and so-called long-armed jurisdiction over other countries, including China, according to its domestic laws,” said spokesman Geng Shuang. “We urge the US to immediately correct this wrong approach and earnestly respect the legitimate rights and interests of all parties.

He also said that China hopes the focus will be on dialogue moving forward—not only between the US and China, but also with Iran.

China is arguing that tensions are increasing between the US and Iran, as a result of increased sanctions from Washington.

On Thursday, the US claimed it shot down an Iranian drone over the Strait of Hormuz, but Iran said it was not missing any drones, and all of its aircrafts returned safely.

As we see tensions rising in the gulf region it is important to remember that not only is the Strait of Hormuz vital for the United States’ oil supply, it is also vital for China’s oil supply, and if a military conflict were to stop oil from flowing through the waterway, it would impact Beijing significantly.

Now, China also said it is against Iran building its nuclear program, and it wants the current deal to remain in place—but that the US has to stop imposing sanctions as a way to control other countries.

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Rachel Blevins is a journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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