US Makes 5G Pact Targeting Companies ‘Controlled by Foreign Gov’ts’ Amid Huawei Drama

 The United States and Poland signed a joint declaration to increase restrictions on new 5G technology, vowing to work together against companies that “work with foreign governments,” as tensions with Huawei continue.
Even though Huawei has played a significant role in Washington’s quest to work with other countries on 5G technology, the Chinese telecom giant was not mentioned in the latest agreement.
Instead, Vice President Mike Pence said on Monday that the United States is signing a joint declaration with Poland because he hopes their work on 5G will set the tone for the rest of Europe
Later today, we’ll sign a joint declaration with Poland. It will ensure the security of our digital infrastructure. And this declaration, we believe, will set a vital example for the rest of Europe on the broader question of 5G,” Pence said.
The agreement states that “Protecting these next generation communications networks from disruption or manipulation and ensuring the privacy and individual liberties of the citizens of the United States, Poland, and other countries is of vital importance.”
During the press conference, Pence specifically mentioned Russia, and he claimed now is the time to “remain vigilant about the intentions and the actions” taken by Moscow. He also claimed the current agreements between the US and Poland have been made so that the country never has to rely on Russia.
According to the agreement between the US and Poland, in order to participate in 5G networks, suppliers must be trusted and reliable, they must have transparent ownership, and they cannot be controlled by a foreign government.
While it did not mention Huawei specifically, China was quick to condemn the declaration. A spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry accused the US of suppressing Chinese enterprises and generalizing national security.
“The US side keeps pointing the finger on other countries’ construction of 5G networks and even flagrantly coercing and threatening other countries to adopt a position consistent with the US. Its unilateral and hegemonic behaviors are in plain sight,” said Geng Shuang.
The agreement between the US and Poland follows reports that Huawei plans to spend around $800 million dollars in Poland in the next 5 years, depending on its role in the country’s 5G rollout.
It is no secret that the US has been working to convince its allies to ban Huawei from their 5G networks altogether, citing national security concerns, but it doesn’t look like the tech giant is backing down anytime soon.

Despite ongoing political pressure from the US, Huawei is claiming its revenue from the first half of 2019 is actually up 23 percent, and it says it has more than 50 commercial 5G contracts globally.

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Rachel Blevins is a journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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