Iran Takes Another Step Away From Nuclear Deal As US Sanctions Tehran’s Civilian Space Agency

Iran’s top officials are saying they plan to take another step away from the 2015 nuclear deal as France pushes for a compromise to save what is left of the agreement—but it requires approval from the U.S.
Iran’s top officials are saying they are open to saving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action signed in 2015, but they still have plans to continue to treat this deal as void if the agreement if progress is not made with diplomatic talks.
In one last effort to bring the United States and Iran back together, and to save what is left of the nuclear deal, France has proposed giving Iran a $15 billion-dollar credit line, which would be guaranteed by Iranian oil revenues that have been directly impacted by US sanctions.
France claims that in order for Iran to have access to the credit line, it must fully return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, it must maintain security in the Persian Gulf, and it must agree to participate in talks for a nuclear deal that goes beyond 2025.
Iran’s deputy foreign minister said the country will return to the full implementation of the deal, only* if it is able to sell its oil and to fully benefit from the income from the sales. And he said the French proposal goes in that direction.
But France has noted that the new proposal for relations with Iran requires approval from the United States. And not only has the Trump Administration not backed down on its campaign to call for more pressure on Iran, it has continued to call on its allies to increase pressure as well.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Twitter that for the first time, the US has sanctioned Iran’s civilian space agency. He claimed the reason is because it develops the same space launch vehicle technology used in ballistic missiles, and he again referred to Iran as “the world’s top sponsor of terrorism.”
Iran has also warned that even with the possibility of a deal brokered by Europe, it still plans to take yet another step to increase its nuclear activities.
Iranian President Rouhani did not say exactly what the third step would be, but he expressed doubts that France would be able to present a solution before the end of the week.
The third step is not very shocking in appearance, but in nature it is of extraordinary importance. In my opinion the third step is the most important step with very extraordinary impacts. The third step will give (Iran atomic energy agency) a very special pace,” Rouhani said.
Iran is saying it will give Europe two more months to save the nuclear deal before it pulls out of it all together. But concerns still remain about the future of the deal, especially as Iran continues to take steps away from it, while the US continues to increase sanctions.

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Rachel Blevins is a journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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