British Family Demands Answers After US Refuses To Extradite Son’s Killer Linked To CIA

There are new questions surrounding the case of a British teenager who was killed by the wife of a US diplomat last year. While the US has refused to comply with extradition requests from the UK, reports are now suggesting that the woman at the center of the case has ties to the Central Intelligence Agency. 

The American woman who is facing charges for the murder of a teenager in the UK has managed to escape all attempts to face justice, and the family believes they may now know why.

Anne Sacoolas fled the UK after she hit and killed 19-year-old Harry Dunn with her car while driving on the wrong side of the road back in August. At the time, she claimed diplomatic immunity, but many have questioned why the US has refused to cooperate with its close ally.

Now reports are claiming the fugitive, who was pictured back home in Virginia last week, was actually a former CIA officer. The claim raises new questions about her purpose in the country, as she came with her husband, who is an intelligence officer, but never declared herself as a CIA agent.

The US Government has yet to confirm or deny these claims, but it has continued to stand by Sacoolas and refused to force her to return to the UK, even after the British government charged her with “causing death by dangerous driving.” Yet Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has continued to insist that Washington is doing everything it can to help.

We’re gonna do everything we can to get this right and to make this as right as anybody can make it, when there was a loss of life. We can never we can never put it all the way back, sadly, but we will do everything we can to put this in the best possible place,” Pompeo said.

However, the UK has argued that claims of diplomatic immunity are “no longer relevant,” and that the US is harming its relationship with one of its closest allies.

Former Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt argued that while he is in favor of the democracies of the world standing together, he does not see this alliance treating each other like allies in this case.

In response to reports that the woman who killed her son worked for the CIA, the heartbroken mother of Harry Dunn, said “things are now beginning to beginning to fall into place.” She specifically called out the British government and accused them of attempting to sweep her son’s tragic death under the rug to appease the US.

We have thrown ourselves into building relationships with the government despite the terrible way they were treating us,” she said. “We believe in giving people a second chance. But I am livid today and my family are full of anger.”

Despite months of obstacles, Charlotte Charles has said she is even more determined now to fight for justice for her son. “She will come back. I don’t care how long it takes. Our fight for justice for Harry will will not waver. You know our determination is probably, if anything, stronger now than it was, than it was before. If that’s even possible,” she said.

The family of Harry Dunn even came to Washington to meet with President Trump, where he tried to get them to meet with the woman who killed their son. While they refused without proper legal counsel, they did say that during the meeting, Trump’s National Security Adviser told them that Anne Sacoolas would “never come back to the UK.”

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Rachel Blevins is a journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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