WHY ISN’T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT: The Media Shows Nonstop Looting Coverage—Unless It’s Done By The State

The media loves to show footage of looting and violence—but rarely covers looting when it’s state-sanctioned. But why aren’t we hearing about the Trump Admin’s refusal to reveal how it spent $500 Billion or the Pentagon’s request for more funding to fulfill weapons contracts?

On today’s edition of ‘Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About This?’ the media loves to show footage of looting and violence because it makes you frustrated, it makes you fearful, and it pisses you off. But yet they rarely talk about looting when it is state-sanctioned.

There was been very little coverage of the fact that the Trump Administration is now claiming it has no plans to disclose the corporate recipients of more than $500 BILLION in coronavirus relief funds, insisting the information is “proprietary” and “confidential.” They say the funds were given to 4.5 million companies, yet claim Americans have no right to know who they are or what they received.

There has also been virtually no coverage over the fact that the Pentagon is now bailing out companies in order to maintain contracts to produce deadly weapons, and it plans to ask Congress for even more money on top of its already insanely large budget.

The average American has been told to stay inside for three months, has been laid off from their job, and has been given a measly $1,200 check. Yet the Pentagon gets to spend as much money as it wants creating weapons to kill innocent civilians in the Middle East in wars that were never approved by Congress—yet it’s expected to get the money it requests because it claims it’s for “defense” purposes.

And there is no talk about looting when it is carried out by local police departments through the practice of civil asset forfeiture—where police officers literally steal your belongings and claim they are being used in an investigation, and then go on to sell those assets and make millions of dollars a year for their department.

Many are quick to condemn looting when they see it happening at their local Target on their TV screen. But what if those people were taking to the streets and calling out the entities that loot from them on a daily basis? We live in a country that was founded by people who were sick and tired of being told to shut up and pay taxes and it’s about time we get back to that—and that is something everyone should be talking about.

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Rachel Blevins is a journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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