After months of pressure from the US, India could be the next ally to cut ties with Huawei by moving to “phase out” equipment after cutting the Chinese tech giant from its 5G trials…

We have yet to receive an official statement from India’s government saying that they are banning Chinese companies like Huawei altogether, but reports are claiming they are they now moving to “phase out” their equipment from their telecom network.

According to a report from the Financial Times, anonymous “industry executives and government officials say key ministries have clearly indicated that local telecoms service providers should avoid using Chinese equipment in future investments, including in 5G networks.”

India has the second largest mobile market in the world, and Huawei is one of their biggest suppliers of telecoms equipment, so this decision to cut ties on 5G is likely to have a significant impact on both sides.

Last year, India said it was open to working with all vendors to establish its 5G network, but there have been increased tensions with China, after border clashes turned deadly back in June. At least 20 Indian soldiers and an unknown number of Chinese soldiers were killed when a standoff of troops along the border referred to as the “Line of Actual Control” broke out into fights involving fists, rocks and wooden clubs. Following the deadliest clashes in more than 40 years, both sides reportedly deployed troops by the tens of thousands to the region.

Earlier this month, India moved to ban Huawei and ZTE from taking part in its 5G rollout. India has also since banned 59 apps from companies based in China—including the popular platforms TikTok and WeChat—citing national security concerns.

The US has been at the forefront of the “War against Huawei,” calling for all allies to ban the tech giant from their 5G networks, and claiming there are legitimate national security concerns over Huawei’s ties to China—connections that the tech giant has denied.

During his trip to meet with officials in India back in February, President Trump said they discussed “the importance of a secure 5G wireless network and the need for this emerging technology to be a tool for freedom, progress and prosperity.

So, we have seen the Trump Administration encourage the increase in tensions between China and India, even though the neighboring countries are also nuclear powers.