Foreign Policy To Be Ignored At Final Debate For Next Commander in Chief of World’s Largest Military

While Biden says he would keep a reduced number of forces in the Middle East—similar to what Trump has tried to achieve—the candidate who is vowing to bring the troops home is the one who isn’t invited to the debate…

With the presidential election just 15 days away, the conversation surrounding foreign policy has been lacking—to say the least. From immigration, to trade wars, and crippling sanctions, there is no shortage of global concerns that require all Presidential contenders to position themselves on those issues. One global concern still impacting the U.S. economy involves American troops involved in costly wars overseas.

We all heard President Trump loud and clear when he took to Twitter last month to declare that all US troops would be home from Afghanistan by Christmas. But other US officials have said that likely won’t happen. And that’s in part because the US is still actively bombing the Taliban.

In fact, the Taliban is now accusing the US of violating the historic peace agreement—again—by launching “excessive airstrikes” in the southern region where the Taliban was trying to gain control from the Afghan Security Forces. The US argued the airstrikes were meant to “reduce violence” in the area.

The Trump Administration has made Iran one of its top targets by calling for maximum sanctions against the country, and claiming the US should keep a presence in the Middle East to stop Iran’s influence. But right now, Afghanistan’s top peace negotiator is in Iran where he is meeting with officials. He said the goal is to discuss the future of peace talks in Afghanistan, and other “bilateral issues to promote long-term cooperation and friendship” between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took to Twitter to say, “No nation that desires a peaceful Middle East should contemplate arms sales with Iran,” claiming every weapon the country buys will be at the disposal of what he called their “radical ideology.”

Democratic nominee Joe Biden said he wants to see a reduced presence and his plan is similar to what the Trump Administration has continued. In a recent interview, Biden said he supports drawing down the number of troops, but claims the US still has “to worry about terrorism.” He went on to say he would plan to keep a small number of special forces on the ground.

There’s also a third candidate who will be on the ballot in all 50 states and DC, and that’s Libertarian Nominee Jo Jorgensen. She is promising to “bring home U.S. troops from the Middle East” and to call on Congress to repeal that 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, which she says “has become a blank check for Presidential interventionism.”

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Rachel Blevins is a journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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