The Biden Admin claims it is helping Ukraine as it approves another $800 Million in “lethal aid” and discourages Zelensky from making any concessions. The message they’re sending: Why achieve a peace deal when the US is ramping up its fight in the proxy war against Russia?

The Biden Administration is approving funding for Ukraine left and right… signing off on another $500 Million Dollars this week, and claiming that it’s for direct aid to the Ukrainian people…

But what about the $13.6 Billion Dollars Biden signed off on last week — where is all of the money supposed to go, and will it actually help the Ukrainian people?

Let’s start with the $13.6 Billion that was included in the $1.5 Trillion-Dollar spending bill passed by Congress… about half of it will go to the Department of Defense to restore US Military stocks of equipment after the previous equipment was sent to Ukraine. In other words, a great day for US Arms dealers who have been feeling a little neglected… after the US announced the end of the longest war in the Nation’s history.

Around $3.1 Billion of that will be used to cover the “deployment, operational, and intelligence costs” for the nearly 15,000 US troops who were deployed to Eastern Europe to “support their NATO allies.” With just $300 million for the “Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative” aimed at training and equipping the Ukrainian military… But where have we heard that term before? Oh yeah, when Obama and Biden told us they were trainingmoderate rebels” in Syria. And that turned out real well… for ISIS… so, you can only imagine how it will turn out for the far-right, neo-Nazi militias in Ukraine that have already enjoyed plenty of support from the US…

So yes, as Biden admitted, the US troops in Europe may not officially be in Ukraine yet, but they’re actively training Ukrainian forces — and teaching them how to use the weapons the West is sending them. Speaking of those weapons, the White House touted last week that it approved another $800 Million Dollars in Military aid… bringing the total to $1 Billion in a single week.

And in addition to everything from machine guns to grenade launchers, the latest shipment includes 100 “killer drones” called Switchblades that even the US Military admits it doesn’t have much experience using on the battlefield.

So, the US is making no secret about the fact that it is publicly fighting a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine… But how are they justifying it?

Well, if you’ve paid attention to the media coverage, you’ve like heard claims like this one that Russia only has three days of supplies left… this was published nine days ago. Or groups like the European Council on Foreign Relations argue that if the US and its allies just send Ukraine enough weapons… then it can defeat Russia.

But while the US is working overtime to cut Russia off from the civilized world… much of that world has strong economic ties to Russia… and they have not been as quick to follow Washington’s latest command. And for countries like China that have seen recent escalating tensions with the US… this could be the start of a new military alliance with Russia.

So, as the Biden Administration calls for the world to suffer and admits that it may be triggering a global food crisis — it’s the US that continues to prolong this war, discouraging Ukraine from making any concessions while more US weapons are on the war…

Yet if we’ve learned anything from the United States’ history of pouring money and weapons into other foreign countries with no oversight, it’s that it only leads to chaos, death, destruction, and in this case, new reinforcements for the Nazi version of ISIS — and that’s something everyone should be talking about.