The letter ‘Z’ is the latest object to be targeted by cancel culture, proving that even the alphabet isn’t safe. But while Zurich Insurance changes its ‘Z’ logo, Governments in Germany and Latvia are moving to make the public display of the letter a criminal act…

The public display of the letter ‘Z’ is being banned by both individual companies, and even entire countries right now, as the latest cancel culture trend literally targets the alphabet.

Two German states justified their ban on the letter, by noting that it has been displayed on Russian tanks — and has been used by some as a way to show their support for Russia in the war in Ukraine. However, Bavaria’s Justice Minister has taken the sign to another level, claiming the state’s ban is justified because “freedom of thought ‘ends where criminal law begins.’”

So, they’re basically saying that the public showing any support for Russia right now isn’t just publicly frowned upon — it could actually lead to criminal prosecution…

That’s also the case in Latvia, where the country’s parliament said that displaying the letter ‘Z’ was the same as justifying war crimes. Individuals that violate the ban will be fined nearly $400, and companies will be fined over $3,000. Oh, and Latvia is also moving to criminalize the display of the letter ‘V’ as well, because why not? 

But that’s not all—individual companies like Zurich Insurance… whose logo is literally a Z for Zurich… announced that they will be changing their logo on social media because they don’t want it to be misinterpreted as showing support for Russia.

Samsung also quietly removed the letter ‘Z’ from its Galaxy Z Flip3 in certain countries in Europe.

So, it should come as no surprise that the media is now arguing that the letter ‘Z’ fits into “the History of Russian Propaganda Efforts,” with Time Magazine downplaying Russia’s concerns over US-funded neo-Nazi militias in Ukraine… and completely ignoring the fact that it was the Soviet Union that saw the largest number of causalities by far during World War II, in their fight against the Nazi’s.

But it’s the same media that is willingly turning a blind eye to the atrocities that are actively being committed by those militias like the Azov Battalion right now—just as it ignored the 14,000 people who were killed by the Ukrainian Military in the Donbas region over the last eight years—and if you say anything otherwise, then YOU’RE the problem. 

See, the problem here isn’t just that a single letter is being banned — it’s that the display of that letter, and a public show of support for a country is being treated as a criminal act.

At the end of the day, the public should have the freedom to support Russia in the same way they have the freedom to condemn Russia—and when that freedom is taken away, it means they aren’t really free at all—and that’s something everyone should be talking about.