Google is warning it will demonetize content that accuses Ukraine of “deliberately attacking its own citizens,” or that “exploits, dismisses or condones” the war. But if you’re a cheerleader for the US and its NATO allies starting WW3, then you’ll be paid handsomely for your time…

The tech overlords at Google have declared a new policy, which will demonetize content that they deem “exploits, dismisses, or condones” the war in Ukraine. The latest update also noted that it will target anyone who “claims that Ukraine is committing genocide or deliberately attacking its own citizens” (In other words, talking about how the Ukrainian Military has targeted the Donbas Region over the last eight years, killing more than 14,000 people).

This comes weeks after Google announced that its AdSense services would be put on pause for users “located in Russia.” Another reminder of the ways in which sanctions target average citizens…

Google has made it clear in this case that it ONLY cares about applying those principles to the war in Ukraine—but it does raise the question, why aren’t they applying it overall? Possibly because that would mean that they would then have to demonetize just about every mainstream media outlet and publication out there. For example:

Earlier this month, published an article with the title, NATO Intervention in Ukraine Won’t Spark World War III.

The Washington Post argued The West must help Ukraine to win the next phase of the war.

Bloomberg made the ridiculous claim that To Save Democracy, We Need a Few Good Dictators.

Last month, the Wall Street Journal insisted that it was Russia’s War Getting Closer to NATO.

Back in 2018, the Washington Post argued that The CIA funded a culture war against communism. It should do so again.

And finally, in 2014, the Washington Post made the class claim, In the long run, wars make us safer and richer

So, at the end of the day, if you’re cheering on the US and its NATO allies as they justify their way into World War 3, then you will be paid handsomely for your time. BUT if you are questioning why the US is arming neo-Nazi Militias, or the context surrounding the current conflict and how the people of the Donbas region have been targeted, tortured and killed by the Ukrainian Military, then Google is letting you know right now that it will be intentionally stripping away your revenue for refusing to follow the approved narrative. And that hypocritical double standard is something everyone should be talking about…