Zelensky Says Ukraine Ready To Fight Russia For ’10 Years’ As US Sends New Weapons

Zelensky appears to be too busy giving interviews to focus on peace talks with Russia that could save his people—all while the Biden Admin is telling its allies the same thing the Pentagon is telling its weapons contractors: that the war won’t be coming to an end anytime soon…

When will the war end? Well, in the case of Ukraine, that depends on who you ask… Because according to the United States, the war won’t be ending this year, with Secretary of State Tony Blinken reportedly telling U.S. allies in Europe that there is no “short-term end in sight.”

Now, you may be wondering—if this is a war between Russia and Ukraine, then why is the US deciding how long it will last?

Well, it IS also the U.S. that is sending over Billions of Dollars in weapons and equipment to help prop up the Ukrainian Military—making US defense contractors happy once again—while Democrats and Republicans act like they’re NOT actively fighting a proxy war against Russia.

It’s also Ukrainian President Zelensky who is doing whatever the US says—when he’s not busy with his nonstop interviews, of course. Seriously, does the man do anything other than give interviews to mainstream networks or speeches to various Governments? You would think he would be a little busy right now…

But instead, Zelensky is sitting down with Jake Tapper and telling him that Ukraine is prepared to fight Russia for the next 10 years. That must be because they know the US is going to keep happily supplying them with more weapons.

See, if you’ve only paid attention to mainstream coverage of the conflict… where Zelensky openly claims that Russia “ran from Kiev,” and that the fact that he is still in power is proof that he is winning… then you may think that was the reality.

But if you include what Russia is saying, you are reminded that their approach to this conflict has never been to carry out a US-style government overthrow. And their demands have been the same since Day One. 

And no, those demands have not included the return of the Soviet Union. They ALSO haven’t included the requirement that Zelensky be removed from power.

But while Russia continues to voice concerns about the presence of neo-Nazi militias in Ukraine’s military—and Zelensky continues to flaunt those very militia members by including them in the speeches he gives to countries that were once occupied by Nazi Germany… there’s another important part of this conflict.

In that recent CNN interview, Zelensky said he was concerned about giving up territory to Russia… referring specifically to the Donbas Region, where the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics declared their independence back in 2014… following a US-backed coup in Ukraine that they didn’t support.

But here’s the thing, Russia has not said anything about wanting to take control of the Donbas region. They just want Ukraine to recognize the independence of the Republics—and to stop attacking the people there, after those attacks left more than 14,000 people dead over the last eight years.

But as Zelensky has said time and time again… he sees the region as his own, and he has no plans to recognize its independence. And given that the US only cares about the will of the people when it’s on a “Freedom and Democracy” quest, it is pledging to provide Ukraine with weapons for years to come — despite the latest warnings from Russia.

Yet while the US and its Western allies try to convince the public that Russia is more isolated than ever before—they ignore the fact that China, India, and key countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia have all refused their demands to sanction Moscow off the face of the Earth. 

But instead of isolating Russia, the US continues to isolate itself as it hurdles demands at the rest of the world—threatening consequences if they don’t comply. And the Biden Administration doesn’t even seem to care—about the Ukrainian people, the American people, or the future of the US. It appears that they’re just happy to have someone to blame for 40-year-high inflation and skyrocketing gas prices. However, while those excuses may last for a moment, the foreign policy decisions that are being made right now will have consequences for years to come—and that’s something everyone should be talking about.

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Rachel Blevins is a journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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