Just when the media would have you thinking Covid is over… Bill Gates starts doing the media rounds once again, warning about another variant or even the “next pandemic.” His solution? Plans for a new frontier of privacy invasion with a “Global Surveillance Team” run by the WHO.

It may seem like Covid is over and the world has moved on from the pandemic… with the focus turning to nonstop Ukraine coverage or the Supreme Court’s leaked ruling on abortion… but that’s not the case. And here’s why… 

First and foremost, Bill Gates, is once again doing the media rounds and warning that we may not have seen the worst of COVID-19. While his warnings of the deadliest variant yet contradict what we’re actually seeing right now, they do serve as a reminder that when Bill Gates speaks, the world listens.

Gates is saying the world can prevent another pandemic by funding a Global Surveillance Team that would be run by the World Health Organization.

If it sounds ominous, that’s because it is. And it appears that version of it is already taking place here in the US, as a recent report from VICE citing documents from the CDC shows that the agency was purchasing the location data of millions of Americans in an effort to see whether they followed lockdown orders. That included plans for the CDC to make a half-a-million-dollar deal with a location data firm funded by the former head of Saudi Intelligence.

They wanted to monitor everything from schools to churches to businesses. If you’re wondering whether or not YOUR data is being harvested—the answer is yes, and you can thank just about every app on your smartphone. 

So, if the next frontier is surveillance in the name of your health, that of course, requires compliance. And any good propagandist knows the best way to force compliance is to introduce fear… which is why you have people like Anthony Fauci or Bill Gates warning about the dangers of a “new variant” or the “next pandemic.”

And what is one of the major threats to compliance right now? Well, as NBC News noted in a recent article… it’s what they call “vaccine hesitancy.”

Yes, even after the Biden Administration poured Billions of Dollars into campaigns to increase “vaccine confidence,” with teenagers on TikTok giving you a list of reasons why you should get the jab… Americans are still hesitant to get booster after booster after booster.

Because that’s what happens when you introduce a product, lie to the public and tell them it will keep them from getting a virus… then admit it doesn’t stop the spread of that virus whatsoever… then censor reports of side effects and injuries linked to that product… then claim you can’t release the data related to that product for at least 55 years… all while you keep moving the goal post further back, while you act shocked that the public doesn’t trust you anymore.

Transparency and accountability are everything, and that’s especially important to remember in this new age where they try to convince you that they’re monitoring your every move for your safety. 

Because at the end of the day, warrantless government surveillance in the name of health… is still warrantless government surveillance—and that’s something everyone should be talking about.