Campaign To Change ‘Victory Day’ To ‘Russian Shame Day’ Attempts To Rewrite Defeat of Nazi Germany

The campaign to refer to ‘Victory Day’ as ‘Russian Shame Day’ is not only an attack on the Russian people—it’s an attack on the tens of millions who sacrificed their lives to defeat Nazi Germany. How quickly we have forgotten the important lessons of history, 77 years later…

They say those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and just 77 years after the defeat of Nazi Germany, it appears that far too many in the West have forgotten one of the most important days of the last century and what it means for the world.

That must be why on Times Square in New York City, a poster was displayed calling for Victory Day to be referred to as ‘Russian Shame Day.’

It’s part of a campaign paid for by the donations made to the “Ukrainian World Congress,” an anti-Russian NGO that has a history of Nationalist ties. They were also the ones cheering on Twitter when the Russian ambassador to Poland was attacked… while trying to lay flowers at a Soviet soldier’s cemetery in Warsaw… claiming that he shouldn’t be out in public. 

But do you know what’s actually shameful? It’s taking a day that is used to remember the lives of the tens of millions of people who fought the Nazis during World War Two, and claiming it should be anything other than a day of remembrance and gratitude.

It’s shameful to try to turn Victory Day into a day that should be all about hating Russians… when it is the family members of those very people who declared the defeat of Nazi Germany on May 9, 1945.

What the former Soviet Union accomplished is nothing short of historic, and they paid the price. They lost around 27 MILLION people… more than any other country in the world.

And while, yes, the US and the UK were a part of that final alliance, there’s a reason why it’s Russia that celebrates Victory Day every year with hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets. There’s a reason many of those people carry the photos of their loved ones who gave their lives during World War 2 

Yet, less than 100 years later, the West continues to downplay Moscow’s concerns over a rise in far-right Nationalists and Neo-Nazi militias in Ukraine — as the US provides unprecedented funding and support for those very groups in the name of “military aid.”

It’s also the US that claims it is fighting for “Ukrainian Democracy” as Joe Biden ignores his own family’s corrupt ties to the country, while Nancy Pelosi quotes Ukrainian Nazi collaborator Stephan Bandera, who oversaw the deaths of countless civilians during the World War 2.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Zelensky included members of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion during his speech to the Parliament of Greece — just 80 years after their country was occupied by Nazi Germany.

Zelensky then went on to commemorate Victory Day by sharing images online that showed a member of the Ukrainian Military with Nazi symbols on his uniform. 

How quickly the West has forgotten the lives that were sacrificed. They act as if any concerns about the presence of Nazis in Ukraine are pure fiction, made impossible because the country’s president is Jewish.

The media then joins in—ignoring the fact that today’s Government in Ukraine is banning political parties, silencing dissents, and targeting everyone it views as a Russian sympathizer, despite the history they share.

It has only been 77 years since the defeat of Nazi Germany—and yet the same sentiment is on the rise once again, and it’s not hiding. It is out in the open, plain for all to see, and it’s being recklessly funded by the US to the tune of BILLIONS of Dollars—and that’s something everyone should be talking about. 

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Rachel Blevins is a journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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