NATO kicked off its annual “War Games” in the Baltic Sea, as the Chief voiced his support for Ukraine’s goal to force both Crimea and the Republics in the Donbass back under its control.

A reminder that NATO’s “Democratic principles” only seem to apply when they are US-approved…

NATO is kicking off its annual ‘war games’ in the Baltic Sea this week, and it’s including Finland and Sweden in the military exercises, despite the fact that plans for the two countries to join the alliance have already been shot down by Turkey.

The recent calls to ignore the voice of one NATO member, in order to pursue the demands of another, are not the first time the alliance has appeared to forget about its “democratic principles.”

In a recent interview, NATO’s secretary-general said he supports Ukraine’s claim to both Crimea and the independent republics in the Donbass region. He also said the alliance is going to have to be ready to provide long-term support, if Ukraine continues to pursue this goal of forcing everyone who has chosen to leave, back under its rule. 

And that’s exactly what it is. It’s not taking into account the wishes of nearly every single person in the Crimean peninsula, who voted to join Russia. Or the wishes of the people in the republics in the Donbass region who have given everything they have to fight to maintain their independence over the last eight years. 

How can NATO claim to support “Democratic principles” when it’s throwing its support behind someone like Zelensky, who campaigned on the promise of peace with Russia one minute and then turned to begging for NATO membership and threatening nuclear war against Russia the next? How can they claim to support the will of the people, when the government they are supporting is banning political parties, censoring the media, and silencing dissidents?

NATO continues to support it all as President Biden announces another $700 MILLION in “lethal aid” for Ukraine, marking the 11th package he has approved for the country in just three months. Reports say he is putting that $40 BILLION that was just passed by Congress to use, and this time around it comes with “new longer-range rocket systems.” But the Biden Administration claims there is no reason to be concerned because Ukraine has promised they won’t use the rockets to target Russian territory.

Right, so one of the most corrupt countries in the world, which has received Billions of Dollars in untraceable weapons from the US, AND which proudly boasts of the extremist neo-Nazi militias within its own military, has assured you that they won’t use the new weapons you are sending them on Russia directly… so there’s nothing to worry about.

Instead, they’ll just use those weapons on the Donbass region… where the last eight years of the Ukrainian Military attacking the people who would rather form independent Republics than live under the result of a US-backed coup… has resulted in the deaths of more than 14,000 people.

So, the fighting rages on, and the US continues to make it possible by providing Ukraine with an endless stream of weapons and support.

All of this, as UNICEF warns that more than 5.2 Million Ukrainian children are in need of humanitarian assistance.

So, why aren’t the US and NATO calling for peace right now? Why isn’t the main goal to pursue an end to all fighting, and some sort of agreement between Russia and Ukraine?

Well, first and foremost, the US couldn’t care less about the presence of a “humanitarian crisis.” We’ve seen it for years in Yemen, where the US has continued to supply weapons to keep Saudi Arabia happy, despite the millions of civilians who were impacted. 

And we’re seeing it again right now in Afghanistan, where the swift fall of the US-backed government led to Washington replacing billions of dollars in support with crushing sanctions, leaving the country to rival Yemen for the title of “worst humanitarian crisis in the world.” 

Speaking of Afghanistan, it’s a reminder that the US has no problem pouring billions… or eventually trillions of dollars into a country… fueling death, destruction and corruption for years on end. 

But while the money for Afghanistan came with the requirement of an annual report… Congress has approved the money for Ukraine with no oversight and no transparency requirements.

A reminder that the US and NATO aren’t planning for peace in Ukraine, or an end to their proxy war with Russia anytime soon—and that’s something everyone should be talking about.