Hollywood Calls for Gun Control While Ignoring The Corrupt Institutions That Would Enforce It

Matthew McConaughey went to the White House to call for stricter gun control measures, but he ignored the part where the Uvalde Police spent over an hour harassing and arresting parents while they gave a gunman free rein to murder students inside their classroom…


Actor Matthew McConaughey stopped by the White House this week and gave a dramatic speech urging lawmakers to take action on gun control—after his hometown was the site of a devastating school shooting in which 19 children and two adults were murdered.

However, while he went on a rant over AR-15s, he had nothing to say about the response from police, who waited over an hour, while they gave the shooter free rein inside the school. But while McConaughey blames the type of weapon that was used—and calls for red flag laws, which are corrupt at their core—he ignores the root of the problem.

We can sit around and beg Congress to enact this law or that law as if it will keep us safe next time around. But as long as police officers are allowed to sit outside of a classroom for 77 minutes while children inside call 911 and beg for help—then we will never see any meaningful change.

This case is all too similar to the one we saw in Parkland back in 2018, where police were seen standing outside of a school, doing nothing, while a gunman murdered children inside. When students attempted to file a lawsuit against the officers involved, a federal judge reminded them, as the Supreme Court has ruled, that the police have no actual duty to “serve and protect.” Their job is to enforce the law.

In fact, the brave and heroic mother who broke into the school and saved her children, even after she was threatened with arrest by the police on the scene, is now saying she is being harassed by those officers and told she shouldn’t be speaking out and sharing her story. 

Why was it that police were so busy going after the parents who were trying to save their kids, or the good samaritans who were attempting to do the job police refused to do?

Someone like Joe Biden will claim the answer can be found in simply banning the weapon that was used. He’ll point to the assault weapons ban he helped pass back in 1994. But he never mentions the fact that for the decade the ban was in law, it never led to any meaningful change, and didn’t stop what the media has branded as “assault weapons” from being used in this country.

You know, it’s similar to the way gun-free zones are often the target of mass shooters—or the cities with the strictest gun control measures see the most gun violence. 

But in case that wasn’t enough logic, some Hollywood actors would rather argue that the US Government should round up all of the AR-15s here… and then send them off to Ukraine… because that would solve the problem.

When seconds count, police spent 77 minutes harassing and arresting parents, while they allowed a gunman to murder their children. 

The latest horrific shooting is a reminder that the answer is not found in begging politicians to fix the problem when they’ve proven they’re useless at doing anything other than signing off on billions of dollars in untraceable weapons for corrupt countries.

The answer is not fighting to give more power to the corrupt institutions that have failed us time and time again. It’s fighting for accountability for their institutions, and for a world where they actually serve the public—and that’s something everyone should be talking about.

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Rachel Blevins is a journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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