The Biden Admin is now saying it will not push Ukraine to negotiate with Russia—even if it believes it’s the “right thing to do.”

But what is Biden’s end goal, how long is his version of “as long as it takes,” and how many Billions of American tax dollars is he planning to waste in the process?

That’s according to John Kirby of the US National Security Council, who told Fox News, that it’s Zelensky who “gets to determine how victory is decided and when and on what terms.”

He claims it’s up the US to “continue to make sure that Ukraine can succeed on the battlefield so that [Zelenksy] can succeed at the table. But even [he] will tell you that the time is not now for those discussions.”

Okay, so when exactly is the time? Especially as it’s becoming more and more clear that Ukraine is not “succeeding on the battlefield.”

In fact, Russia just announced a crucial victory in the Donbas, after it gained full control of the Luhansk region, forcing Ukrainian troops to withdraw from their final city in the province. 

Even the mainstream media is admitting that Russia is winning… But of course, they’re presenting it from the standpoint that Ukraine is losing because it just doesn’t have enough weapons, enough ammunition, or enough support…

They’re also using an unnamed American veteran who joined Ukraine to fight against Russia to say the fight simply isn’t fair…

So, if the US hasn’t spent enough money on Ukraine yet, then how much will it take? How many tens of Billions of Dollars in support does Biden have to sign off on — all while his presidency has become completely defined by his obsession with Ukraine, while the American people and US allies in Europe suffer the consequences of a fight to isolate Russia that continues to backfire on the West, while the rest of the world watches?

And again, what is the end goal here?

Russia has said from the beginning that its goal is not to remove Zelensky in a US-style government overthrow. It says it is instead focused on de-nazification, demilitarization, and providing security for the independent republics in the Donbas region, which have spent eight years under assault by Ukraine, despite the presence of agreements like the Minsk accords, which sought to bring about peace.

The end goal for Ukraine is a different story. Zelensky has come a long way from the comedian who campaigned on plans for peace and diplomacy with Russia. 

While even he has admitted that his hopes of joining NATO have fallen apart… he still hasn’t given up on the pledge to force the entire Donbas region, as well as Crimea, where 97 percent of the people voted to join Russia eight years ago— back under Ukrainian rule. 

He continues to make that pledge, even now, when the goal appears to be more out of reach than ever before.

So, why then is the Biden Administration continuing to say that it’s “Zelensky’s call” and that they will support Ukraine for “as long as it takes”? Is their plan really to just keep throwing Billions of Dollars in money and weapons into a bottomless pit for years to come, all while building up troops in Eastern Europe and risking World War 3 every time Ukraine uses their “Made in the USA” weapons to bomb Russian territory after they “gave assurances” that they wouldn’t?

And how, on any planet does this benefit the American people? The answer is… it doesn’t.

But of course, the American people are too busy with the bread and circus of abortion rights and gun control to pay attention to the lengths their Government is going through to distract them, while it recklessly continues wasting their tax Dollars, while at the same time continuing to drive up their cost of living to the point where it is unbearable in the process — and that’s something everything should be talking about.