Residents in Sri Lanka may be dancing in the presidential palace, but their economic crisis is far from over. Nearby, the IMF is thriving on the chaos, as it prepares to add to Sri Lanka’s $50 BILLION+ in foreign debt with another predatory loan it will never be able to pay back.

So, let’s talk about the latest protests… Thousands took to the streets in Sri Lanka this weekend, storming their nation’s Capitol building and the presidential palace, before setting their prime minister’s home on fire.

The videos were shared widely on social media, with many noting that this could become the norm, as countries around the world each find themselves facing a severe economic crisis that directly impacts their people. 

But in this case, even though the president and the prime minister agreed to resign… the country’s problems are far from over.

And that’s thanks to… the International Monetary Fund. See, there is nothing the IMF loves more than an economic crisis because it gives them the opportunity to swoop in and “save the day” with a predatory loan that the unsuspecting country will likely never be able to pay back.

In the case of Sri Lanka, they have accepted 17 packages from the IMF in the last 70 years.

The result? The nation now owes more than $50 BILLION in foreign debt… and in the midst of an increasing economic crisis brought by food and import shortages, as well as soaring energy costs… it was forced to default on its debt for the first time back in May.

So, while it comes as no surprise that thousands of people would take to the streets to voice their frustration… part of that frustration comes from the fact that the government was unable to secure a $4 BILLION bailout from the IMF during their talks in June.

A reminder than there is nothing the IMF and its Western partners want more than viral protests and rampant chaos—because it gives them the opportunity to again come in and “save the day” by continuing their endless cycle of predatory loans for years and years to come.

And if you don’t believe me… just look at the case of Ukraine.

When the West threw their support before a government coup in Ukraine back in 2014, they did it with violent protests, media propaganda, and a plan for control aimed at making the country forget all about the crucial energy deals it had been in the process of making with Russia.

Over the next eight years, Ukraine was showered in funding that included more than $8 BILLION, from the World Bank, $17 BILLION from the IMF, and over $13 BILLION fro the European Commission.

All of that “help” came at a cost, and the cost is that Ukraine is now drowning in tens of Billions of Dollars in foreign debt that it can’t pay back. 

And despite calls to simply cancel Ukraine debt… the US, the UK and the EU are doing quite the opposite. As they pledge their “support” for Ukraine by signing off on even more loans, that will keep the country by at war and in debt for as long as possible.

As for the food shortages and the soaring energy costs, and the inevitable protests… those aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, especially as Governments implement new policies targeting their own people…

Whether that’s in Germany, where citizens are being encouraged to ration hot water in order to support their government’s pro-war policies. Or in the Netherlands, where farmers are carrying out historic protests against new policies are targeting both their livelihoods and continue to fuel massive food shortages. 

The world is being pushed to a breaking point, as we start to feel the effects of two years of historic lockdowns during which governments propped up their economies with cheap money and debt soared to record levels. 

But it’s the West’s version of dealing with the consequences of its own actions by toying with World War 3, as it tries to blame Russia for everything, encourages its own allies to enforce policies that sabotage their people, and threatens any country that won’t go along with its plan… that stands to have an impact on the entire world for years and years to come — and that is something everyone should be talking about.