The EU is calling on its members to ration gas use, claiming Russia is “using energy as a weapon.” But they left out the part where Europe is suffering from a crisis the West created by imposing unprecedented sanctions on Russia and refusing to certify the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline…

Europe is reaching a breaking point, as warnings of a growing economic crisis start to become a reality. But even now, after the historic sanctions campaign launched by the West against Russia, both politicians and media talking heads alike refuse to admit that it is the very actions they supported that are now hurting their own economies. 

As the EU calls on nations within the Bloc to start rationing natural gas, it continues to blame Russia, claiming it’s Moscow that is “using energy as a weapon” and “blackmailing Europe.

Yet it’s Europe that has put itself into this position—as if there wasn’t an $11 Billion Nord Stream 2 Pipeline that could be up and running for times like this, especially for the EU, considering its focusing on green energy policies has left it reliant on other nations for “traditional” natural resources.

Not only has the West’s attempt to cut Russia off from the rest of the world NOT worked the way they promised it would, but that it has actually pushed Moscow to strengthen its partnerships with other major countries.

But you would never know that if you looked at the way the media continues to report on the situation.

Take the Associated Press, for example, with the headlineEconomics of war: Pain for Europe now, later for Russia,” which carries on the talking point that has been repeated by Western politicians over and over again.

The American people will have to pay higher gas prices, the German people will have to pay higher energy prices while strictly conserving basic resources. And it’s all so that their Governments can continue to fight a proxy war that none of them voted for.

The claim is that if they suffer now, then Russia will suffer later. The AP article even admits that Inflation in Europe is at its highest EVER, the Euro is at a 20-year low against the Dollar, and after turning its back on the completed Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, the EU has put itself in jeopardy of a full-on energy crisis that the US can’t save them from. 

So, what is the downside for Russia? Well, the article claims Moscow’s economy “will pay a heavy price” and “will be far less productive,” which could lead “to a significant decline in average real income.”

Their reasoning for those claims? Because Western companies like McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme are ending their business in Russia. And yet even when saying that, they acknowledge that the companies have been resurrected by Russian owners and continue to offer nearly the same products.

As for the change in foreign investment… just because it’s not coming from the West doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In fact, the BRICS Alliance is growing stronger, which means that key countries like China and India continue to work with Russia, no matter the threats from the US.

Meanwhile, the EU is willingly committing economic suicide, as it battles a record heat wave, while trying to prepare for survival this winter—and it is still doubling down on its support for Ukraine and for the arguably un-Democratic decisions that are being made by the Ukrainian Government, and the Bloc announced it has accepted Ukraine as an official EU candidate last month.

Europe created a crisis, in hopes that it would affect Russia more than it affected their own countries—and when it didn’t, they proceeded to blame Russia — the country that has spent the last several years working to become “sanction-proof” as it watched the US back a government overthrow in Ukraine and then proceed to arm violent neo-Nazi militias 

Meanwhile, the US could not care less about the pain and suffering of its own allies, because while it IS also feeling the impact of its own actions, it’s not at nearly the same level. And for the US elites, the more problems their allies in Europe have, the more they can act like they have the solution.

All of this, as the rest of the world is learning a valuable lesson from the Western politicians who are proving that their are willing to make their own people suffer, and to justify it by insisting that if they suffer now, then surely the Russia will suffer in the future — and that is something everything should be talking about.