Pelosi’s Taiwan crusade has sent tensions with China soaring—because apparently a proxy war against Russia wasn’t enough?

While NATO claims the alliance is more unified than ever, they continue to harm their own economies as the campaigns to isolate China/Russia do the opposite.

So, is the U.S. Government just determined to start World War 3 by any means necessary at this point? Then why did Nancy Pelosi just break decades of diplomacy with China for a one-night stop in Taiwan?

The woman is 82 years old, and after 35 years in Congress, she is the picture of why we need term limits. But this week, she took a break from insider trading with her husband to put the entire Indo-Pacific region on high alert, as she violated Chinese airspace with a trip that will impact US-China relations for long after she has left this earth.

And what’s worse is that the White House just sort of shrugged their shoulders, literally claiming it was Pelosi’s choice to go or not to go. Literally telling the world that the Speaker of the House has more power than the President of the United States, in their eyes.

And for those of who are claiming that China somehow looked “weak” because they didn’t shoot Pelosi’s plane out of the sky the minute it entered their airspace… just remember… the US reliance on China is far, far greater than most Americans realize. China has the power to make trade a living nightmare for the US Economy—aka the main thing Americans are concerned about right now, despite all of the Government’s attempts to distract from the crisis they have created.

Meanwhile, the US continues to enable death, destruction and another chance at World War 3 as it throws away Billions of Dollars supplying Ukraine with the latest and greatest weapons in a proxy war against Russia.  

A proxy war that the US clearly is not winning, by the way. And how embarrassing is it, that after all of the money and all of the sanctions, it’s the US and its NATO allies that are now struggling because they chose to ruin their own economies in order to pursue some fantasy quest with the goal of isolating Russia from the rest of the world in order to force its hand?

If you think there’s a chance that NATO has finally learned its lesson—just look at the fact that they continue to expand, moving to add Finland and Sweden as new members—to further drive home the fact that they are a “defensive” alliance.

But what continues to happen is that while the US turns its bullying tactics from the Middle East to target two of the most powerful countries in the world—nations across Asia and Africa see the writing on the wall and are strengthening their ties with China and Russia BECAUSE they have seen the destruction the US has caused and continues to cause when it intervenes in the name of supporting “vibrant democracy,” as Nancy Pelosi said when she landed in Taiwan. 

That leaves the US with its only true friends, in its NATO allies across Europe, who are now suffering because they listened to Washington and sacrificed their own economics for political favor. Not only is that not a healthy relationship, but it also raises the question—at the end of the day, who benefits from all of this, and when are the average citizens going to wake up and realize that this is a problem that won’t go away by simply voting harder for the other political party that helped enable this crisis in the first place—because that’s something everyone should be talking about.