Are Zelensky’s Days as ‘The Darling of The West’ Officially Numbered?

While Amnesty International admits Ukraine is using civilians as human shields and US officials doubt Zelensky can win back the land he wants—he has become increasingly belligerent—demanding money and weapons.

Are Zelensky’s days as ‘the Darling of the West’ officially numbered?

Now, this may come as a surprise to some of you if you have watched the ways in which everyone from politicians to media talking heads have paraded this man around—in meetings, interviews and even a very tone-deaf Vogue photoshoot.

But despite all of the vague promises from people like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi that they would support Zelensky for “as long as it takes,” if there’s one thing we’ve learned about greedy politicians, it’s that they don’t always keep their promises, even when they’re spending other people’s money.

The tide appears to be starting to turn—as Amnesty International released a report, which found that Ukraine is violating international humanitarian law by using schools and hospitals as military bases, and stationing their troops in residential areas where they’re using civilians as human shields. 

Now, this may not sound like much, but the fact that the report was published at all signals a major shift in a world where previously, there was no criticism of Zelensky allowed in any form. 

For months now, the photos and the videos of the atrocities committed by Ukraine have been shared across social media—but they have been blissfully ignored by the Western establishment, and labeleddisinformation” by Big Tech giants who censored independent journalists and alternative media like it was their job.

The only problem with the mainstream narrative that Zelensky was some kind of hero, and that if he just had enough money and weapons sent to him, then he would “beat Russia,” is that it was never the reality. And yes, that’s even with the US and the EU supplying unprecedented funding and weapons to Ukraine, while imposing historic sanctions against Russia. 

That’s even with the establishment doing everything in its power to cover up and ignore the fact that Zelensky was banning political parties, or firing dozens of officials, including his country’s prosecutor general. Or the fact that he is targeting his own citizens for anything he viewed as remotely “pro-Russian” despite their heritage. Or when he was proudly parading the neo-Nazi militias within his own military. 

But the truth can’t stay hidden forever. And while European officials previously claimed they weren’t concerned about the weapons that were being sent to Ukraine being smuggled over their borders—top law enforcement agencies have started to warn that’s exactly what is happening, saying they have found overwhelming evidence that those weapons that were sent off as “lethal aid” are now ending up in the hands of criminals and gangs in Europe. 

Even CBS News is now reporting that only 30 percent of the weapons that are sent to Ukraine actually make it to the front lines. Meaning that the other 70 percent of what US officials admitted were untraceable weapons end up somewhere else. 

See, Western politicians have shown time and time again that they don’t care about the people of Ukraine. They don’t even care about the peoples in their own countries who they are supposed to represent. But they DO care about themselves—and they are starting to realize that the public is waking up to the reality that they are the ones being forced the pay the price for the ‘Support Ukraine at all costs’ campaign, and that price is coming in the form of a growing energy crisis that has left citizens struggling to survive the hot summer, as they prepare for a very cold winter.

Of course, we can’t expect politicians to take any responsibility for the policies they supported that created the current crisis. Instead, they’re much more likely to treat Zelensky as their fall guy, to say he is the one to blame after they clearly gave him nothing but support.

And to be fair, Zelensky right now is playing into that plan perfectly. He continues to claim he won’t stop until he gains control over the entire Donbass region AND Crimea, despite significant gains made by Russia that have even reportedly made U.S. officials admit it’s time to negotiate a peace deal and move on. In fact, Zelensky is treating anyone who even mentions the possibility of talks with Moscow as an enemy—going on a tirade against a former German Chancellor and insisting that he must be “working for Russia.”

All of this, as Zelensky continues to stomp his feet and demand more money and more weapons — accusing the EU of withholding 8 Billion Euros in funding, which he claims he is owed. 

While the US continues to send that funding, with Biden signing off on another $1 Billion Dollar package, bringing the grand total to nearly $10 BILLION since the state of the year—the question still remains, how long will the West continue on this path, how long will they claim Zelensky has their full support, and how long with the public continue to pay for it? Because that is something everyone should be talking about. 

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Rachel Blevins is a journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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