Russia, China Condemn Push for ‘Unipolar World,’ Renew Commitment to Work Together as ‘Great Powers’

Putin condemned the push for a “unipolar world,” as Xi said China and Russia will work together as “great powers,” during an in-person meeting between the two leaders today.

A reminder that sanctions from the West have helped Russia strengthen ties with… nearly everyone else…

Did you see what happening in Uzbekistan today? Because it wasn’t just any meeting of the Shanghai Co-Operation Organization. It marked a crucial in-person meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping—during which they discussed their support for each other, amid historic tensions with the United States.

Also present at the forum is India, and this comes as the mainstream media has finally started to admit that Russia’s increased partnerships with China and India have offset the impact of the onslaught of sanctions from the West.

However, no one is saving Europe right now—and analysts are starting to admit that all of those shiny promises the US has made about replacing Russian energy supplies with American energy supplies will take YEARS to implement. But Europe doesn’t have years… and in some cases, it doesn’t even have months. Yet many of it’s politicians continue to use the same old talking points on Russia, as they pledge their support for Ukraine.

We’ve watched the West go above and beyond to send Billions of Dollars in weapons and support to Ukraine—and Kiev’s response has been to complain. They complain that it’s not enough. That NATO allies aren’t sending their latest and greatest—even as past reports have admitted that only a small portion of the weapons and supplies that are sent, actually end up making it to the front lines.

Meanwhile, Germany is calling attention to the one thing all of these Western countries should be talking about, which is that they are willingly emptying their own reserves to help Ukraine—while at the same time, toying with World War 3, as they leave themselves virtually defenseless in the near future.

What’s becoming more and more evident is that while the US has made plenty of broad promises such as “We’ll provide the energy sources you need,” or  “We’ll sell you more weapons when you need them.” None of those claims are immediate answers, and they certainly won’t come at the price their allies need.

On the other hand, Russia, China and India are getting closer than ever, and with them comes the host of smaller countries around the world that rely on them, and that see the importance of transitioning to a multi-polar world, and away from the fears of the United States calling all of the shots, making all of the threats and attacking other nations because it wants to control them — and that’s something everyone should be talking about.

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Rachel Blevins is a journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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