The New York Times claimed Russia must be using low-quality weapons, because they’re not killing enough civilians. Yes, really. 

This, as Biden warns of a “nuclear Armageddon,” while continuing to add fuel to the fire and refusing to encourage Ukraine to pursue any kind of peace.

Do you ever have one of those days when you see a post online, and it makes wonder what reality the person who wrote it lives in—because it’s clearly not the same one you’re also in?

Because that’s how I feel about this Tweet from the New York Times from earlier this week that didn’t get nearly enough attention:

In it, they write, “The Russian missile attacks that killed at least 19 people across Ukraine on Monday were wide-ranging, but they were not as deadly as they could have been. That has renewed questions over the quality of Russia’s weapons.”

Seriously, who in their right mind is actually arguing that not enough civilians were killed?? And then to argue that the current death toll reflects on the quality of weapons, on top of it?

Unfortunately, this kind of logic is all too common in a place like the United States, where they use terms like “collateral damage” to explain away the killing of civilians, for which no one is held responsible.

However, that wasn’t the only example. This week, Emmanuel Macron was widely criticized for simply Tweeting the sentence, “We do not want a World War.”

But, while Macron was calling for de-escalation, he appeared to be looking for it in all of the wrong places, as he urged Russia to “stop” its military operation against Ukraine and return to negotiations, suggesting doing so was necessary to avoid a “global war.” Moscow has repeatedly stated its readiness to talk to Kiev, pointing out that it was the Ukrainian side that broke the contacts.

“Today, first of all, Vladimir Putin must stop this war, respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity and come back to the table for talks,” Macron said. When reminded that it was actually Kiev that refused to negotiate, however, Macron stated that despite such stance negotiations “will be necessary” at some unspecified point in the future. “That’s why I have always refused maximalist positions,” he added.

Meanwhile, on one hand, Joe Biden is warning that the world is closer to a “nuclear Armageddon” than it has been at any point since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. On the other hand, he’s saying that he has no intention of talking to Vladimir Putin AND his administration is still refusing to encourage Ukraine to engage in peace talks with Russia.

So, it’s no surprise that Vladimir Zelensky isn’t running to the table to negotiate when he is receiving endless money, weapons and supplies from the West. Instead, he continues to claim he is going to gain control over Crimea, as well as the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, and the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions—despite the fact that they have all voted overwhelmingly to join Russia.

Yet even anonymous officials quoted by the mainstream media in the West have started to admit that they don’t see Ukraine “winning” this war, which is to say, they don’t see Kiev re-taking control of the territory it has lost over the last eight years.

But that hasn’t stopped the U.S. from continuing to do what is best for their corporate and military interests. Speaking of those special interests, that must be why NATO has is eying a 10-year plan for Ukraine to replace all of its Soviet weapons with NATO weapons—despite the fact that they still don’t want to have the burden of adding Ukraine as an official NATO member.

A reminder that the NATO alliance doesn’t actually care about the people of Ukraine—they care about how much they can profit off of the ongoing crisis in the country. Because if there’s anything we can learn from looking back at the last several months of Western foreign policy decisions, it’s that it doesn’t matter what is logical or what saves the lives of civilians.

That continued foreign policy agenda that has been set by the military industrial complex within the US, that has been carried out for decades and that has involved people from both parties, it’s that it does not matter how many lives were lost in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, or even Ukraine. It does not matter how ridiculous the US has looked when it has invaded country after country, overthrown Governments, fought wars—and left all of those nations far worse off than they were before they learned about “Freedom and Democracy” from the West.

What matters is that the same people who always profit, continue to profit, and they are showing their agenda once again, and that there is no cost too great, even when that cost could be the start of World War 3—and that’s something everyone should be talking about.