CIA Director Bill Burns apparently made a trip to Ukraine this month, as nuclear tensions soared—with Russia warning that Ukraine is planning a “dirty bomb” false flag attack. A reminder that Burns also visited in January, when it was revealed that the CIA has been training forces in Ukraine since 2015…

Can we just take a minute to talk about the fact that the head of the CIA apparently visited Ukraine this month? And his trip comes as nuclear tensions are soaring, with Moscow warning that Ukraine is planning a dirty bomb false flag attack on Russian territory.

For context, the last-known visit CIA Director Bill Burns to Kiev to meet with Vladimir Zelensky was back in January—right around the same time it was revealed that the CIA has been actively training forces in Ukraine since 2015, and the Biden Administration has ramped up that program, in anticipation of a future conflict with Russia.

Now, CNN is reporting that Burns returned for a meeting with Zelensky, during which he “reinforced the US commitment to provide support to Ukraine,” especially in the form of “intelligence sharing.” And speaking of intelligence, the article also specifically noted that when it comes to the threat of a nuclear attack from Russia, “Burns and other US officials have said publicly that they see no evidence that Moscow is actively preparing to take such a step.

However, as Russia has repeatedly noted that if there is an attack targeting their territory, then they will be forced to respond.

So, if the US admits it has no evidence that Russia is planning an attack, then why is Biden openly warning that the threat of a nuclear Armageddon is at its highest since the Cuban Missile Crisis? And if Russia is warning the West that Ukraine is preparing some type of dirty bomb attack—which, to be clear here, Ukraine has been discussing for the last eight years—then why is the US acting like it has no idea, when it is Ally #1 when it comes to intelligence sharing with Kiev?

Or is this just one of those cases where the US acts like it knows nothing—in the same way that it did with the murder of Darya Dugina, or the attack on the Crimean Bridge? And no, I’m not going to get into Ukraine’s ridiculous claim that it’s really Russia planning a false flag attack, because in the same way that there is no benefit to Russia to attack its own critical infrastructure, there’s also no benefit to several escalate the conflict to that degree.

Now, Ukraine, on the other hand has a leader who has openly called for pre-emptive strikes on Russia AND is trying to keep the attention of the NATO alliance – as Winter is fast approaching and the protests in the streets of Europe over soaring energy costs by the people whose governments sold them out to show support for Ukraine have only just begun.

Not to mention the fact that a visit from the Director of the CIA is never a signal that peaceful times are around the corner. Because if there’s anything we have learned about the CIA’s long, violent and propaganda-filled history of meddling in other countries—it’s that wherever the CIA goes, trouble is sure to follow. And at a time when nuclear tensions are at their highest in 60 years, that’s something everyone should be talking about.