Meet Rachel

Rachel Blevins is a journalist who is passionate about pursuing truth and giving a voice to the voiceless. She strives to look beyond the false ‘left vs. right’ paradigm that is prevalent in media and politics, and to encourage the public to question existing narratives.

At the age of 26, Rachel works as a news correspondent for RT America in Washington DC. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Texas Tech University, and it was during her time as a student that she started working as an independent journalist in 2014.

Inspired by telling the stories and exploring the angles of news that the mainstream media refuses to cover, Rachel’s career has been devoted to reporting on the topics of government corruption, U.S. foreign policy, the police state, civil liberties, the drug war, and media hypocrisy.

2020 Election

Government Corruption

Rachel believes in calling out the current administration for its policies and actions, no matter which political party is in office—Read more on Government Corruption

Foreign Policy

A pattern of endless war has become the cornerstone of U.S. policy, and Rachel is passionate about calling out the war crimes and hypocrisy—Read more on Foreign Policy

Police State

Rachel also believes in defending the Fourth Amendment and bringing awareness and accountability to the abuses carried out by an increasingly militarized police force—Read more on the Police State

Censorship & Media Hypocrisy

Rachel is adamant about calling out censorship and supporting the protection of Free Speech and Freedom of the Press that is acknowledged by the First Amendment. 

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