Russia, China Condemn Push for ‘Unipolar World,’ Renew Commitment to Work Together as ‘Great Powers’

Putin condemned the push for a “unipolar world,” as Xi said China and Russia will work together as “great powers,” during an in-person meeting between the two leaders today.

A reminder that sanctions from the West have helped Russia strengthen ties with… nearly everyone else…

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Thousands Protest Energy Prices, NATO + China Reselling Russian Gas To Europe??

Thousands took to the streets to protest soaring energy prices and their government’s blind allegiance to the EU and NATO in Prague…

And they were condemned and called “extremists” by the politicians in power who would rather leave their people to starve than question the West.

This all comes as the media praises China for reselling natural gas to Europe, while quietly skipping over the fact that China is importing a record amount of LNG from Russia…

So, Europe is still getting Russian gas—just at premium it cannot afford.

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IRS Promises $204 BILLION In Revenue From 87,000 New Agents

The IRS is planning to hire 87,000 new agents, thanks to $80 BILLION in funding from the Inflation Reduction Act.

But while so-called fact-checkers insist the IRS won’t target the middle class—because Biden said so—they’re promising to come up with nearly $204 BILLION in revenue…

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FBI Raids Trump Estate As Years-long Power Trip Reaches New Level

The FBI is making headlines for its unprecedented raid of Trump’s estate… but it shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the power trip the agency has been on in recent years.

The FBI has a history of giving itself more power, while protecting its agents when they break the law…

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Europe Blames Russia For Energy Crisis The West Created

The EU is calling on its members to ration gas use, claiming Russia is “using energy as a weapon.”

But they left out the part where Europe is suffering from a crisis the West created by imposing unprecedented sanctions on Russia and refusing to certify the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline…

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What You Need To Know About The Protests In Sri Lanka

Residents in Sri Lanka may be dancing in the presidential palace, but their economic crisis is far from over.

Nearby, the IMF is thriving on the chaos, as it prepares to add to Sri Lanka’s $50 BILLION+ in foreign debt with another predatory loan it will never be able to pay back.

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Media Warn of Monkeypox As #BillGatesBioTerrorist Trends On Twitter

When the media begin wall-to-wall coverage of the monkeypox, and #BillGatesBioTerrorist trends on Twitter…

Gates warned of “bio-terrorism attacks” in a push for a WHO-led Global Surveillance Team—but is this one of them, and why are US-funded biolabs being ignored once again?

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Biden Wants $33 BILLION For Americans to ‘Do Our Part’ in Ukraine

Biden is calling on Congress to approve a staggering $33 BILLION for Ukraine—$20 BILLION of which is for the Ukrainian Military and its neo-Nazi militias. He argued this is a way for Americans to “do our part” in a conflict that has been driven by the US for nearly a decade…

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What Really Happened In Bucha?

While the US admits that an independent investigation in Bucha is needed, Biden promised new sanctions against Russia. This, as the media claim their “smoking gun” is a series of satellite images from the DoD-connected Maxar Technologies, confirmed by the CIA-connected Bellingcat…

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The Future of Russian Gas, Digital Currencies, and the US Recession Forecast with David D. Tawil

The European Union is preparing a new package of sanctions against Russia amid reports that it could move to target Moscow’s energy sector. Talk of cryptocurrencies and the role they could play amid unprecedented sanctions heats up, as one US Senator looks to curb the Federal Reserve’s powers surrounding a digital Dollar. And the Recession warning signs are back once again here in the U.S., so what does it all mean?

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Why The Display of The Letter ‘Z’ Could Soon Be a Criminal Act

The letter ‘Z’ is the latest object to be targeted by cancel culture, proving that even the alphabet isn’t safe. But while Zurich Insurance changes its ‘Z’ logo, Governments in Germany and Latvia are moving to make the public display of the letter a criminal act…

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US Sends New Weapons to Ukraine for Proxy War with Russia

The Biden Admin claims it is helping Ukraine as it approves another $800 Million in “lethal aid” and discourages Zelensky from making any concessions. The message they’re sending: Why achieve a peace deal when the US is ramping up its fight in the proxy war against Russia?

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Media Silent As Zelensky Bans Political Parties, Nationalizes TV News

Ukrainian President Zelensky has become the media’s golden child and their newest beacon of “Freedom and Democracy.” So, why are they ignoring the fact that Zelensky just banned 11 political parties, nationalized all TV news and is refusing to let Ukrainian men leave the country?

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19 Years After ‘WMD’ Invasion, Architects of Iraq War Still Walk Free

Nineteen years ago, the US invaded Iraq on the promise of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction.’ While we now know it was a claim based on lies and propaganda, the architects of the Iraq War—who knew the lies they told at the time and planned the war years in advance—continue to walk free…

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Re: Russia, Ukraine and RT

The book burners and misinformation evangelists have set their sights on RT, claiming the network should be BANNED. But if it starts with RT, it won’t end until you’re left with only the approved networks that have supported, lied about, and covered up every war the US has waged…

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US Media Coverage of Ukraine Ignores Reality of Conflict with Russia

Biden claims he will use Nord Stream 2 as leverage to stop Russia from invading Ukraine, after years of the US failing to stop the pipeline’s construction.

The only problem with that narrative is that Russia says it has no plans to invade—while Ukraine is the one increasing its military buildup, which the media ignores…

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NUCLEAR POWER: Dangerous Weapon or Future of Clean Energy?

While the world saw firsthand the need for coal, oil and gas this year, world leaders continue to push for a transition to “clean energy,” raising the question of whether nuclear energy could be their answer.

Europe has served as a hotspot for the debate, where France announced plans for new nuclear reactors, while Germany warned of the risk from nuclear waste, and catastrophic accidents and attacks…

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RON PAUL: Big Pharma and Big Military Use Fear To Gain Control

As the Pentagon says once again that they investigated themselves and determined they did nothing wrong, former U.S. Congressman Dr. Ron Paul notes the similarities between Big Military and Big Pharma when it comes to using fear to sell their products…

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Bitcoin Hits All-Time High, Despite Looming Gov’t Regulation Plans

Bitcoin hit a new all-time high, surpassing $66,000 for the first time ever. But even with the first Bitcoin-linked ETF making headlines, countless questions remain as to what regulations the US Gov’t will pursue and if we should be expecting a Digital Dollar anytime soon…

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