NUCLEAR POWER: Dangerous Weapon or Future of Clean Energy?

While the world saw firsthand the need for coal, oil and gas this year, world leaders continue to push for a transition to “clean energy,” raising the question of whether nuclear energy could be their answer.

Europe has served as a hotspot for the debate, where France announced plans for new nuclear reactors, while Germany warned of the risk from nuclear waste, and catastrophic accidents and attacks…


RON PAUL: Americans Should Wake Up And Realize How Government Is Destroying The Dollar

Former U.S. Congressman Dr. Ron Paul weighs in on the continued joint effort between Democrats and Republicans to support the destruction of the US Dollar.

“The corruption is in the destruction of the money, and if people don’t understand that, they’ll never say ‘you ought to cut spending, isn’t that the solution?’ They’re never going to accept that. That’s why people should be prepared for a lot more Inflation.” – Dr. Ron Paul

Housing Bubble Flashes Warning Signs Not Seen Since 2008 Crisis

Housing prices are skyrocketing, and the combination of record-low interest rates, unprecedented fiscal stimulus, and the ongoing global recovery is increasing concerns that the growing bubble is set to burst for the first time in over a decade, and it will be worse than 2008…