Russia Pulls Out of Grain Deal Citing Ukrainian Attack, West Claims to Care About Food Crisis

Russia has announced it is suspending a grain deal with Ukraine, and the same Western countries that said the agreement would never work are now insisting that Moscow’s departure will cause mass starvation.

But it was the West that was benefitting from the deal that was meant to help the world’s poorest countries…

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NUCLEAR TENSIONS: CIA Chief Visits Kiev, Russia Warns of Dirty Bomb False Flag Attack From Ukraine

CIA Director Bill Burns apparently made a trip to Ukraine this month, as nuclear tensions soared—with Russia warning that Ukraine is planning a “dirty bomb” false flag attack. A reminder that Burns also visited in January, when it was revealed that the CIA has been training forces in Ukraine since 2015…

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Biden Claims To Care About Ukrainian Civilians, While Keeping Them At War

US Officials are claiming to care about Ukrainian civilians, and the impact of Russia’s response to the attack on the Crimean bridge. Yet it’s the US that continues to fuel this war, supporting Zelensky and his fantasy of an outcome that goes against the will of the people…

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19 Years After ‘WMD’ Invasion, Architects of Iraq War Still Walk Free

Nineteen years ago, the US invaded Iraq on the promise of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction.’ While we now know it was a claim based on lies and propaganda, the architects of the Iraq War—who knew the lies they told at the time and planned the war years in advance—continue to walk free…

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US Media Coverage of Ukraine Ignores Reality of Conflict with Russia

Biden claims he will use Nord Stream 2 as leverage to stop Russia from invading Ukraine, after years of the US failing to stop the pipeline’s construction.

The only problem with that narrative is that Russia says it has no plans to invade—while Ukraine is the one increasing its military buildup, which the media ignores…

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Will US Bombs Replace US Troops in Afghanistan?

The US has left a trail of chaos in its ongoing withdrawal from Afghanistan that is making its allies in other war-torn countries wonder if they will be next. But is the US really finally DONE with Afghanistan after 20 years? Not if you ask top members of the Biden Admin…

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One Child Among DEAD From US Airstrikes In Iraq and Syria

US Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria killed at least one child and wounded 3 civilians, according to reports. The attack was issued at Biden’s command, and the two militia groups it targeted are now vowing retaliation…

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Why NATO Membership For Ukraine is a ‘RED LINE’ for Russia

Biden is pledging his full support for NATO, after four years of Trump’s criticism over how much the US contributed. But while the alliance still hasn’t made Ukraine an official member, it is largely seen as serving Washington’s interests—and that comes at a price…

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Iran Warns It May Consider Creating Nuclear Weapons If Biden Doesn’t Lift Sanctions

NEW: As Biden indicates he has no plans to lift Trump’s sanctions and follow through on his campaign promise to return to the 2015 Nuclear Deal, Iran is suggesting it could also change its commitments and pursue the creation of a nuclear weapon…

Iran’s intelligence minister said, “If a cat is cornered, it may show a kind of behavior that a free cat would not. If Iran is pushed in that direction, then it wouldn’t be Iran’s fault but those who pushed it.”

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