China Fires Back over New Sanctions, Accuses US of Increasing Tensions with Iran

The United States has announced a new round of sanctions, which it claims are targeted at third parties that have helped Iran build its nuclear program. Now China is firing back and accusing the US of intentionally increasing tensions with Iran…

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US Plans To Pay For Salaries, Propaganda For Venezuelan Opposition—Using Humanitarian Aid Funds

The European Union has announced that it is preparing to increase sanctions on Venezuela, as a new report claims the US plans to divert humanitarian aid funding to opposition forces led by Juan Guaido—raising concerns for the civilians in Venezuela.

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Guaido Calls for More Sanctions Against Venezuela After Gov’t Expels German Ambassador

In response to President Nicolas Maduro’s order to ban Germany’s ambassador, opposition leader Juan Guaido is calling for Europe to respond by increasing economic sanctions on Venezuela. The announcement came on Wednesday as Maduro’s administration accused German AmbassadorDaniel Kriener and the German government of “crass” and “unlawful” meddling in Venezuelan affairs. Addressing the National Assembly, […]

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