China Increasing Gold Reserves, Targets US Crude Oil With Tariffs For The First Time

The United States and China are set to resume trade talks in the coming weeks, as new reports show that China has added around 100 tons of gold to its reserves in the last nine months.

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Judge to Decide on Release of Hundreds of Names in Epstein Sex-Trafficking Case

The case of Jeffrey Epstein could soon publicly include the names of hundreds of his connections, as a judge is set to decide on whether to unseal a trove of court documents that contain details about his inner circle.

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CNN’s New Anti-Assange Hit Piece Cites Debunked Claims About RT, Anonymous Docs

A new “exclusive” report from CNN claims it can prove that WikiLeaks’ Assange worked with Russians, “world-class hackers,” and even RT, to meddle in the 2016 election—yet it uses debunked claims and cites anonymous documents that aren’t included in the hit piece. One of the most notable things about this report is that we never […]

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