SUMMIT FOR DEMOCRACY: The US Takes Hypocrisy To A New Level

The US is taking hypocrisy to a new level by hosting the ‘SUMMIT FOR DEMOCRACY’ this week, where it plans to call on allies to sanction corrupt officials over ‘human rights abuses.’ Russia, China and Iran didn’t make the list of more than 100 countries invited by the State Dept.

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Don’t Forget The Lessons of The ‘War on Terror’ As US Turns to China, Russia

The US-led coalition in Iraq is now admitting that the US-backed Military can’t survive… without constant support from the US.

So, as Washington makes China and Russia its new top targets, never forget the lessons that can be learned from 20 years of the ‘War on Terror’

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WHY ISN’T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT: Media Quietly Admits Russian ‘Bounties’ Scandal Can’t Be Verified

The mainstream media is now quietly walking back the claim that Russia paid the Taliban “bounties” to kill American soldiers, after the top US commander in the region confirmed there was no evidence—a reminder that MSM would rather focus on “anonymous” scandals than to report the verifiable corruption the US has fueled in Afghanistan for 19 YEARS…

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