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In case you’re new here….  My name is Rachel Blevins, and I am an independent journalist. I am passionate about breaking the false left/right paradigm that exists in media and politics, and I strive to create content that challenges existing narratives.

The topics I cover include government corruption, foreign policy, police accountability, the drug war, gun rights and mainstream media hypocrisy. Many of my videos are centered around the phrase “Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About This?” because I always look for the aspects of a story that are being ignored by traditional media outlets, and I believe the information that is being deliberately buried, or is just slipping under the radar, can be the most important parts of the story.

I am from Texas, and I speak from the viewpoint of a Texan who is concerned about an increasingly powerful federal government that continues to strip citizens of their civil liberties, while increasing mass surveillance, enabling a militarized police state, and promoting a destructive foreign policy in the name of keeping Americans “safe.”

I began writing articles professionally in 2014 when I was a freshman in college. At the time, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in journalism, but I also knew that I wanted to do more than become just another mainstream media reporter. After two years of writing, I began producing videos in 2016, and I now do a combination of both.

Up until now, my career as a journalist has come in addition to attending college full time and working other part-time jobs. Now that I have graduated, I have the unique opportunity to pursue the field that I am passionate about full time, and I am excited to embark on this new journey with all of you!

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